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05 июня 2015

Sweet holiday

Who is the most important in the life of almost every one of us? Of course, it is our children, because children are the embodiment and realization of our parents' unfulfilled desires and expectations. We want to give our children the best things so their souls and hearts forever will have wonderful magical memories of carefree childhood! And on the first summer day - June 1 the entire country celebrates the International Children's Day. In all areas of the city, in all children’s institutions, and probably in every home where there is a child, one of the most joyful holidays for kids is celebrated in this day. And we decided to take festive for our children of our company’s employees. The dream of many children is a visit to the candy factory, where they can see with their own eyes how the favorite sweets are made. On this day, the technical visit for the children was organized. The children were able not only to see the production process of sweets, wafers, zephyr and cookies, but also to try delicacies «hot and hot»! Also among the participants a creative drawing competition on the theme: «How I imagine a symbol of the company «Sladonezh» - «Sladika» was held (all drawings and photographs from the festival can be seen on our website at the Gallery of children's activities). The continuation of the festival was a tea party with fun competitions and quizzes in which the children were able to express their creativity and knowledge of the company's products «Sladonezh».

 The sea of positive emotions, new acquaintances, small souvenirs and the desire to work in our company when grown up - that's what all the participants of the event have got!

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