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10 августа 2015

The high quality of “Retro-Sladonezh” waffles is confirmed by Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology.

Experts from FBU “Krasnoyarsk TCSM” checked out an independent examination of the quality of waffles, presented on the shelves of Krasnoyarsk. Waffles of six items were tested: "Retro- Sladonezh", "With the aroma of condensed milk", "Bagira", "Nostalgia", "Cow" and "Chocolate" from "Yashkino." Experts tested waffles against the requirements of GOST.

Three brands of the six have not been laboratory control: in waffles "Nostalgia" (JSC "Karavay", Irkutsk region) there revealed a 32-fold excess of the permissible standards for the content of yeast. The waffles "Ladybird" (OAO "Rot Front", Moscow) exceeded the factor of general bacterial content. Experts pointed out that the waffles "Chocolate" of "Yashkino" brand (LLC "CSC Yashkino" Kemerovo region"), microbial count is four times higher than normal.

Waffles "Retro Sladonezh" successfully passed all phases of laboratory testing, testing has shown that they are manufactured in strict accordance with GOST. As a result of expert examination the waffle "Retro Sladonezh" were recognized as the absolute leader in product quality and taste properties.

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