Dear distributors,

We suggest that you first familiarize yourself with the mandatory criteria for concluding a distribution agreement and terms of cooperation.

For more information, contact the Regional Sales Coordinator by phone:
(3812) 28-50-47, 28-50-66, ext.1080 or send us an email.

Our manager will contact you.

Together we will create a strong basis for long-term relationships.

From your side
From our side
Action plan

Implementation of the action plan
in terms of purchase volume, sales,
ACB (active customer base) indices, the SKU
mean value in the store unit, etc.

Territorial and price agreement

Compulsory execution of territorial and price
agreements in order to prevent cross-flow of products
between surrounding territories.

Ending inventory

Mandatory observance with
the minimum balance on a warehouse


On a weekly basis
in an agreed form


The incentive system is aimed to promote sales of a partner in the region through the development of an individual action plan for each client.

Various types of discounts are provided:
(price discount and / or retro-bonus).

Product delivery

Delivery is carried out
by the company to the customer's warehouse.

Delay in payment is provided

In case of working through
the retail chain period of delay can be extended

Marketing support

For each client, we are able to offer
and finance an individual marketing program for promotion:

— promotional stocks for the final consumer;
— incentive programs for decision makers, sales teams;
— provision of POSM.

Payment fund

Joint source of finance of an exclusive sales team and
Sales Department objectives

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